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Revenge of the Banana: Story So Far...

While staying up to study, Chip is accosted by the ghost of the Chiquita Banana, who seeks vengence for Chip having eaten her while imprisoned during the previous night's pranks. Chip flees into the night as the Chiquita Banana stalks after him.
Meanwhile, the famed security duo of Higgins and Murphy are attempting to develop a plan to catch the pranksters from the night before, whom they now believe are associated with Kung Fu Joe. They are distracted by Higgins' obsession with the capture of the Legless Ghost Runner.
Willard Scott has been planning to block the sun out over Manchester by causing a permanent solar eclipse; his ingenius scheme involved building a time machine and going back into the past to alter the moon's orbit. The blueprints for the time machine were thought to be lost until Future-Willard Scott came back and gave Present-Willard Scott another copy. Unfortunately the plan has been derailed yet again as his trusted squirrel lieutenants have managed to lose the blueprints to the time-traveling device a second time, and are afraid to tell him. They instead are trying to find a new way to travel back and knock the moon into orbit in front of the sun.
Back at home, Becky is making Chuck learn French instead of going to sleep, despite the fact that he's been up all of last night pulling pranks. Nate, despite his desire to sleep, is being kept awake by Ryan who has decided to entertain some female company, VERY noisily.

     May 28, 2008

Well, It's been six years from the first Children at Play, and it's high time we go into business for ourselves! Update your bookmarks people we're officially moving to C@P Comics. So don't go looking for updates here anymore!

See you in the funny pages!

     November 7, 2006

Hey all!

Yet another Director's Cut comic from the saintly hands of Nate!

Pretty soon Nate will be finished with the next actual storyline comic and you'll stop seeing these oldies up here for a little while! Personally I can't wait to see the fearsome banana get his/her hands on Chip... that guy is such a douchebag.

Aaaaaaaand I'm spent!

     November 7, 2006


Chuck here again, with some exciting news about my life that you people probably don't really care about. I'll tell you anyway. I'm gonna be a Father! That's right Becky and I are having a baby. We don't know yet if it will be a boy or a girl, but we're really excited. I've been spending alot of time thinking up baby names. I've got a few that I think are perfect. Like if it's a boy, I wanna call him Baby Chuck, Hammer of Judgement, Goodwin, Esquire the III. Or if it's a girl something more feminine like, "Yip Yip." Oh, and here is one that will fit a boy or girl; "Squiglidorp." He/She can go by "Squiggy" or "Dorpy" for short.
Becky doesn't seem as thrilled by my name choices as I do, but I think that she is coming around. I mean she's stopped crying everytime I mention these elegent nomens.

Peace out, and enjoy the show

peace out

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